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How to Order

  • Galaxy with 3D Puff: $30
  • GC BLU: $20
  • GC PNK: $20
  • Red Camo: $25
  • Pink Camo: $25

All hats emblazoned with “” on the side!!

While we work to make our interactive market place to be fully functional, please send payment and shipping information to via Venmo or PayPal (please use the send money to friends option to avoid additional fees). We are also pleased to tell you that we are working on all of the various swag you have been requesting since our inception, taking into consideration your info submitted into our polls and feedback!! Stay tuned over the next couple of months for new items and branding!! Thanks again!!



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#ManPrettyLife is a movement formed by Miami DJ Keith Christopher aka #MANPRETTY. A culture that is focused on music and fashion, and embraces an all inclusive attitude towards living life to its fullest potential.
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