Over 15,000 lives have been changed forever by an oceanic experience unlike anything on earth. What started in 2004 with a group of 125 friends has now erupted into the world’s largest floating dance music festival. Join thousands of the most incredibly beautiful people on the planet as you sail to exotic destinations on gorgeous amenity jammed cruise ships. There is no question your feet will hate you from 72-120 hours of non stop dancing and that you will need a vacation from this vacation! See u onboard, Captain!

BREAKING NEWS: The details for the Groove Cruise 15th anniversary have been released!! First time sailing out of Fort Lauderdale and heading to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico!! Also the first time sailing on Celebrity Cruises!! Sales open up to the general public on March 15th, and as always, the MANPRETTY friends & family code saves you $50 per person on your bookings!!♥️🎶🚢

Here are some words from GC head honcho Jason Beukema..

“So what’s new for the 15 year anniversary?

Fort Lauderdale

GCMIA will be sailing from Fort Lauderdale for the first time ever. It is 30 miles away so we have decided to keep the name GCMIA the same way we called the west coast GC Los Angeles even though the port was Long Beach 30 miles away. GCCABO sails from San Diego.
There are many benefits of sailing from Fort Lauderdale such as being able to sail on Celebrity. Many of you always fly into FLL for GCMIA anyway as all the low costs carriers fly into there like Virgin, JetBlue and Southwest. None of these fly into Miami. The airport is pretty much connected to the cruise port which is huge. It’s literally 2 miles to Port Everglades cruise port entrance. This also presents some very exciting opportunities for a pre-party location in the FLL area. The post party at E11even was a big hit and we will be trying to work on that again. Moving to FLL also allowed us to go to 4 days from 3 days and still stay over the weekend which was a big survey response.

Key West

A new destination for GC. You know we will be coming up with something ridiculously fun and Key West is a blast with a unique culture all its own. We have ideas and options we are vetting out to come up with the best experience. Open to ideas!


Its been 5 years since GC has been back (10 year anniversary) and we sold out within 2 weeks of on sale on that one. We all know the issues the last 2 GC’s with the destination parties. I’m very excited to announce that we will be INCLUDING the party and transportation in Cozumel for everyone.

Celebrity Cruise Line and Infinity

We all know the issues quite a few of you had with Royal Caribbean. Although Celebrity is owned by Royal Caribbean they are completely separate companies. All concerns and learnings are being addressed. There are also new suite categories, great food and the ship is GORGEOUS. This is the highest end cruise line and ship we have ever used. And it even costs less on average per person per day than GC Miami 2018.

The VIP experience

There will not be any artist events onboard that cost more money. All artists events on the ship and islands will be included. This split the GCFAM and will not be happening again. Admirals table service will be available on all GC.

Groove Cruise rumors

I’ve heard from a few people there was a rumor about GC being sold. We do partnerships on various components of the cruise. It’s not happening and there are no discussions.

Much love to you all and can’t wait to see you at a GCFAM meetup this summer or to celebrate 15 years with you all this upcoming Jan 10-14 or the 30th GC sailing Oct 10-14 San Diego to Cabo.”

Follow your inner compass 🛳

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