My good friend Jess Vanderputten of created an amazing “movie experience” of her adventures on this past Groove Cruise. I’ll leave you with her words, then give you some of my thoughts!!

“In January I went on my 4th Groove Cruise voyage, in my opinion, the fucking best festival in the world! It’s hard to describe this event in words, so here is my experience on board the Miami Groove Cruise 2015, through my eyes! This event is always a unique experience every time and is never the same. I decided to use a track that is super groovy and spoke to me. As always, in all my GC after movies, the music is by a GC artist. This video features the song “Raw Cut” by Prok & Fitch! Be sure to stay connected with me at!!”

I was fortunate enough to have Jess follow me around during my own adventures and am so grateful to have been featured in her film. If you weren’t on the Groove Cruise, this is about as close as you are going to get!! And if you had doubts about booking, this should change your mind!!!

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